Tips For Your Next Doctor’s Visit

When going to the doctors you were going to have a lot of anxiety.  If you are going to go for a specific procedure like an open mri in New Jersey, you might be a little more anxious than normal.  When going to the doctor, you don’t need to be nervous.  You are going there to get better or to at least know what is going wrong with you if anything. 

Take notes

Before going to the doctor, you want to take notes, photos and even video of things that you find wrong or are unsure of.  Examples of rashes, bruising or anything out of the ordinary will help the doctor understand what has gone on with your body and what tests they may need to perform.

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Take a friend

If you are nervous about doctors, don’t like shots or just need a little more support, consider going with a friend.  They can be with you to talk to, look at or hold your hand.  Many people that know they have someone there with them are more relaxed and can really get through the process without incident.

Get there early

You will want to get to the doctors early.  You will typically have to fill out forms and answer a lot of questions that the doctor or nurse will see before you are seen.  You will also need to get weighed, blood pressure taken and other vitals.  Once this information is gained, the doctor will be able to come in and see you without delay.

Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  They are there to help you and make sure that you are well.  If you feel rushed or if they are rushed, tell them that it is your time and to sit tight.  You deserve just as much time and attention and the next person.