What Is A Rotator Cuff Tear?

It is a tear that occurs in the tissues that connect muscle to bone. These are your tendons that are located in the area of the shoulder joint. Generally speaking, the rotator cuff tear in Hilton Head Island occurs amongst those who are in the habit of repeating the same shoulder motions, whether wilfully or unwittingly. Common symptoms will include shoulder pain. The sufferer will also feel weak.

Treatment usually included as a result of this common shoulder pain will be rest and medication. It could also include physiotherapy and corticosteroid injections. And at its most extreme, there could be surgery. Proper and successful treatment of the rotator cuff tear should always be supervised by a specialist medical practitioner. Successful healing results are usually seen within months. This particular shoulder tear usually becomes more common as the man or woman ages.

It is an injury that is quite common amongst blue collar workers and sportsmen and women. The rotator cuff tear could occur as a result of a single injury in which case an immediate medical evaluation should be sought. Extremely bad tears could become irreparable. But the transfer of alternative tendons or joint replacements become a real possibility. Symptoms that the injured patient could experience include a deep, dull ache in the shoulder.

rotator cuff tear in Hilton Head Island

The pain experience could make sleeping at night difficult. And you can forget about trying to reach behind your back. There could also be weakness in the arms. Short-term pain could very well be addressed by a general or family doctor. Risk factors in regard to this shoulder tear to look out for include ageing, construction work and even family history. All things being told; this is not one of those irritations you can expect to treat on your own.